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Why CRW Radio Promotions?

There are 7 core reasons why CRW Radio Promotions is successful with radio single promotion for quality independent Christian artists and bands.

  1. CRW Radio Promotions is committed to RESULTS.

  2. CRW Radio Promotions is an AFFORDABLE VALUE in the industry for your radio promotion investment.

  3. CRW Radio Promotions targets small and medium market non-reporter terrestrial AM/FM stations as a LOW COST FIRST STAGE for your radio single to gauge the initial strength of your song.

  4. CRW Radio Promotions approaches larger reporter stations as a secondary stage only after your song has attained a TRACK RECORD of success on small and medium size stations that we can then use to attract the attention of bigger stations.

  5. CRW Radio Promotions offers THREE (3) PROMOTION PLANS with affordable budgets.

  6. CRW Radio Promotions is the only source in the industry that provides NATIONAL AIRPLAY CHARTS exclusively for independent artists and bands.

  7. CRW Radio Promotions provides our exclusive CRW S-PLAY® as our custom and exclusive FREE digital distribution method.

"A few people have told me that only the big reporter
Christian stations matter for radio airplay."

The Big Christian Stations
Most radio promoters take the traditional industry approach of trying to get Indie artist airplay on big reporter stations. Their goal is to get songs charted on a national chart such as Billboard®. If the radio promoter can deliver results, it may be worth investing the $2,000 - $6,000 per single to take that approach. At CRW Radio Promotions, we have learned from first-hand experience that trying to get indie artist airplay on major reporter stations is a difficult and costly endeavor. It is not impossible, but it typically results in a handful of stations adding your song.

CRW Stepping Stone Philosophy
CRW Radio Promotions starts with a stepping stone approach. We first determine if your song resonates and finds success on small and medium market stations at a low, affordable cost. Our goal is to create a track record of success before we approach bigger reporter stations.

CRW Radio Promotions has three (3) affordable plans to promote your radio single.

CRW COMPILATION PLAN - $499 (2-month promotional term)
CRW CUSTOM S-PLAY® PLAN - $999 (3-month promotional term)
CRW FULL SERVICE PLAN - $1,999 (4-month promotional term)

We Don't Accept Just any Artist

CRW Radio Promotions does not accept any indie artist with a song and a checkbook. We only select the best songs that we determine and feel confident we can be successful at radio. You can be confident that you're in good company with other quality artists who we represent.

We Credit You 100%

Say we start your song, for example, with our CRW CUSTOM S-PLAY® PLAN for $999. If your song shows early signs of success with non-reporter stations, we approach you to offer the option to upgrade to our CRW FULL SERVICE PLAN for $1,999. We give you a credit of $999 toward the $1,999, which means you only pay an additional $1,000 to upgrade to the CRW FULL SERVICE PLAN and receive another 4 months of promotion.

Results, Results, Results

Ultimately it's all about results. That's why you're hiring CRW Radio Promotions. We all would like our song to be played on the biggest Christian stations in the country, right? Of course! At CRW Radio Promotions, we are good stewards of your money by recommending you take a stepping stone approach through one of our three affordable plans. Let's first see how your song does with limited risk and cost to you.

Click this link to see the results of CRW Radio Promotions.

"But small and medium market stations really don't matter much, right?"

Small & Medium Market Christian Stations Don't Matter
For those who dismiss small and medium market stations as audiences that don't matter and that the big Christian stations are the only ones to target, that's misleading. Again, it's great if a costly radio promoter can deliver results and get you airplay on big stations, but that's a big "if" and ultimately you have to consider what it will cost you to take that risk. It's a balancing act and a tough decision to make. At CRW Radio Promotions, we believe small and medium market stations do matter, especially to Christian Indie artists and bands.


A small 3-station group, non-reporter, received a new artist's radio single from CRW Radio Promotions. The station immediately added the song to their playlist, contacted us to ask for the artist's info, and booked that artist at their station for three concerts on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (in three of the station's primary coverage signal markets). Our artist sold 100 CDs that weekend plus they received approximately $1,200 in love offerings. The station paid for the artist's travel and lodging expenses. In total, it was a $2,500 weekend for our artist and all of this from what some in the industry would say is a small station that "doesn't matter."

Click this link to read the artist's testimonial.

CRW's Exclusive CRW S-PLAY® Digital Distribution

CRW Radio Promotions has our own custom, digital distribution system for your song. It called CRW S-PLAY®.

Click here to view a sample of our CRW S-PLAY®


Many industry radio promoters use PLAY MPE for their distribution. There are additional costs for that service that you will pay on top of the radio promoter's fee. Many small and medium market Christian stations do not subscribe to PLAY MPE, so you have to pay additional for distribution to these stations and hope that they receive it.

When a station signs up to ADD your song through CRW's exclusive S-PLAY® distribution system, you receive an instant email directly from the station. PLAY MPE does not provide such a service. Click this link below to see a sample of what you'll receive from stations when they add your song through CRW's S-PLAY distribution. You'll receive these emails throughout the entire term of your single's promotion.

Only CRW Radio Promotions provides this type of instant email communication directly from the radio station. CRW's reply email instantly provides you with the station contact info so that you can correspond with that station directly, thanking them for airing your song and establishing a relationship for possible concert bookings in their market or on air interviews.

CRW's Exclusive Weekly ePublication - Indie Amped™

Additionally, CRW Radio Promotion is the only promoter in the industry to have its own weekly ePublication (Indie Amped®) to highlight you and your music and feature your songs on our airplay charts.

Click this link to view a sample of Indie Amped.

CRW's Exclusive Airplay Charting System

CRW Radio Promotions has developed our own exclusive radio airplay charts. All other radio promoters rely on getting your song on other national charts like Billboard®, BDS® or Mediabase®. It's not impossible, but it can be a tough and expensive task to get on these national charts because you're competing with the major record labels and their artists. It's extremely rare for an independent artist to even break the top 30 or top 20 of a major national chart.

For example, look at this week's Mediabase® AC Christian Chart (05.20.12). How many Indie artist songs are listed in the top 20 - unfortunately, none.

In researching the past year of national charts, the number of indie artists that even make it on to these national charts is rare. Major record labels provide the vast majority of radio singles to large Christian reporter radio stations and therefore they occupy 99% of the chart positions year round.

CRW ADDS Charts™

Westar Media Group has created our exclusive CRW ADDS CHARTS® to track and chart actual airplay on Christian radio stations for independent artists like you. This airplay chart placement gives you something to talk about, something to highlight on your website, something to mention in your next press release, and something for major Christian radio reporter stations to look at when considering adding songs from top Christian independent artists and bands. You can then leverage this chart success into other opportunities for your music ministry.

Click the link below to see our CRW ADDS CHART®.

Once the summary chart opens up, you can click on any chart and it will open the full chart. Then, you can click on any individual song to see the stations spinning that song. Then, click around and see other reports and stats. Enjoy!

We hope this information helps.

We're looking forward to representing your music to Christian radio!

Dave Koch, President
Westar Media Group
5350 N. Academy Blvd.
Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 536-9000 x101

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CRW Radio Promotions CRW Adds Chart Westar Media Group, Inc. Indie Amped

CRW Radio Promotions CRW Adds Chart Westar Media Group, Inc. Indie Amped