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Success comes to those who are obsessed
with looking after one thing... the customer.

CRW Radio Promotions is the industry leader in representing independent Christian recording artists with innovative, results-based radio promotions campaigns, radio airplay charts and professional artist services.

The principles of our company are anchored in our mission statement and in our values as a creative marketing agency.

What is the MISSION of CRW Radio Promotions?

Our mission, first and foremost, is to glorify God by providing innovative radio promotion campaigns and unsurpassed agency representation for our clients. Second, to serve as an effective liaison between independent Christian artists and Christian radio stations in order to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What are the VALUES of CRW Radio Promotions?

We value creativity.
We value relationships.
We value results.

Lastly, our mission and values reflect our company slogan and we've stood behind this phrase for over 17 years.

Excellence and integrity in business
honors God and reflects His character.™

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CRW Radio Promotions CRW Adds Chart Westar Media Group, Inc. Indie Amped

CRW Radio Promotions CRW Adds Chart Westar Media Group, Inc. Indie Amped